Tufropes is COVID-19 Ready!

At Tufropes, we believe that every challenge, no matter how tough or pressing it be, can be dealt if you take care of your people. By people, we mean our employees, our customers, our vendors, and the extended community we serve. Our focus remains healthy human lives and healthy business environment.

As we gear towards resuming operations, we are ensuring a zero-compromise compliance to the state and WHO guidelines. We have undertaken multiple measures like facility sanitization, changes in employee's policy, and multiple operational guidelines, to ensure good health of our employees and customers.

A dedicated team has been assigned to overlook and monitor our COVID 19 prevention measures. In midst of this global crisis, we are trying our best to build the 'new normal' working conditions and support our staff to navigate the current situation with minimal risks without impacting our business capacities and deliveries.

We continue to keep our commitments to our customers by delivering products and services around the world. Tufropes is monitoring the situation on a daily basis to mitigate any delays or breakdowns in procurement or supply chain due to the pandemic, and plan ahead to proactively resolve them. Our inventory, production and marketing teams across geographies are powered with real time information and emergency SOPs to maintain uninterrupted service to customers, dealers and suppliers.

At Tufropes, we want to assure our employees and our customers that we are all set to face this challenge and with your support, we will build a better world.