AquaEx India, the brainchild of Society for Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture, is the nation’s first of its kind comprehensive premier international Fisheries and Aquaculture expo which is aimed to cater to the needs of every facade of the industry right from farmers, buyers, suppliers, scientists, consultants, professional enthusiasts and prospective entrants. The exhibition’s main motto was to bring the whole aquaculture eco-system under one roof to enable knowledge transfer which in turn facilitates all round growth of the sector.

Generating an astounding revenue of $16.5 billion annually, the Fisheries and Aquaculture business in India is one of the pivotal agri sectors that largely contributes to the GDP of the nation. Currently to stand tall and be at par with the international standards, the Indian aquaculture is undergoing a paradigm shift in unison with the fisheries sector all over the world.

Tufropes participated in AquaEx India with the belief that access to the fish farming community at the event would allow us to reach out to them with the finest and most versatile of our Aquaculture Cage Nets. We have witnessed fish farmers inculcating innovative thoughts and technologies in their farm and harvesting benefits over the years. They have acquainted themselves with the most advanced technologies and developed appropriate practices using the knowledge gained. Now, we are trying to cope with their growing hunger for knowledge and aspiration to seek out opportunities in the ever-changing world.

15th Mar 2018 - 17th Mar 2018

Making impactful strides in the right direction. Tufropes successful participation in India’s Premier Agriculture Expositions in Maharashtra

Indian Agricultural sector with its allied services is the largest livelihood provider, especially in the rural areas. Forestry and fisheries contribute approximately 15% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). One cannot underplay the role of agricultural growth in improving rural income and securing India's food and nutritional needs. Thus, sustainable agricultural practices in terms of promoting biodiversity, implying sustainable technologies, practicing resource conservation can help the increase of the turnovers from Agro market. Tufropes is in the forefront of such activities. Agrovision Exhibition is supported by Govt. of Maharashtra, Ministry of Agriculture - Govt. of India, Ministry of Food and Processing Industries, NSIC and receives huge participation of PSUs, Ministries, Departments under Central Govt. and various State governments. Krishithon 2017, The biggest international agriculture trade fair organized by Media Exhibitors Pvt Ltd held from 23rd to 27th Nov. 2017 at Nashik. Krishithon is a platform for knowledge, innovation & business for largest community of India i.e. Agriculture community. Dipak Kute, Manager Business Development said, “These two expositions provided a wonderful platform for the members of the Agro family to showcase and discover the new products that offer tremendous opportunities in agriculture.”

23rd Nov 2017-27th Nov 2018