It was a great memorable day for me, wherein I visited Tufropes Rakholi and Masat unit. My sincere thanks to Gopal Sir, MN Modi Sir, Negi ji and Satish Mishra ji for their valued time spent on me to equip basics of rope, production process, testing methods and testing process of rope.

I am highly obliged to them for listening to my queries and answering them patiently which will help me in the frontline to counter the questions of the users. We have world-class manufacturing facilities backed by a dedicated expert team who manufactures world class product.

When I started understanding the process of Net Manufacturing at our Vadodara unit, it was a bit complicated in the beginning, but I did understand eventually. But most of all I loved learning all this from people in the factory who are experts of these processes. Mr. Shivaji Gore has complete product knowledge and has a great way to explain the process involved in manufacturing and testing.

The plant we have in Vadodara is equipped with unbeatable Manufacturing facilities and capabilities for Netting solutions. This training program has helped me a lot and taught me about Netting and its various uses it will help to interact with institutional customers technically. I am taking back a lot of knowledge and hoping I get to use the same soon. My sincere thanks to Mr. Pawan Modi, Mr. Ashish Jain for their guidance. A big thank you to the very helping staff.

- Anil Kumar

Senior Manager – Sales and Marketing