Pan India Tufropes Fisheries Team came together for an offsite annual conference ‘FISHERIES 2020’ in the mid of April 2018, to map out our vision for the future of the business.

Running across the two days was an array of work sessions designed to engage all members of the FISHERIES 2020 community. The programme was packed with technical content in the form of plenary presentations, trainings and interactive team sessions. 

“For me, the main benefits of this conference were honing my communication skills, discussing ideas, and getting inputs about my work. It gave me an opportunity to meet our members of our fisheries team and exchange ideas on developing new products to cater to the market demands.” said Sanjay Kulkarni

“The objective of this conference was to motivate the team members, set goals, recognize top performers and structure the sales strategies. And we achieved it. The team was highly motivated. They participated in every session with great enthusiasm. The main benefits the team could get out of conference were feedback, collegial support, a sense of knowledgeable community, and time to talk to friends and colleagues about collaborative projects or institutional developments.” opined Pawan Modi.

Our team participated in many valuable team building sessions as well as exciting activities. Some of those special moments for our offsite meeting were captured below. Enjoy!