India's strongest most reliable and cost effective ropes with ISI marking.

Apart from agriculture and domestic markets, growing urbanization, development of infrastructure and industrialization especially in water & waste water, oil & gas sectors, are driving the water pumps business in India. Economic development coupled with urbanization has been witnessing strong growth. The world population is forecasted to reach 8 billion by the end of 2020, creating demand for water and water pumps in both domestic and export segments, both of which are growing steadily.

Tufropes and the submersible pumps installation market go hand in hand.

Along with a distinguished Channel Partner, Tufropes recently carried out a Canopy Campaign in Coimbatore for PP INDUSTRIAL ROPE. It was a game-changing execution, creating great buzz on the streets and generating remarkable geographic coverage. 

Our company has carved out a strong niche in this segment in rural India for the durability and strength that our products are reputed for during the installation process of these pumps. 

We received very positive responses and reviews on our product. We also generated numerous enquiries. With this magical formula of carrying out interminable promotional activities all over India, we are confident that we will be able to deeply penetrate in the rural markets.