Hunters and Farmers in Sales

In sales and marketing, you may have heard that some business types are farmers, and some are hunters. Some like to plant many seeds among prospects, water them, nurture them, and help them grow. Some people are hunters, scouting for prospects and pursuing people who could become customers.

Let’s look at a few characteristics from each, starting with hunters:

- Hunters love to network.

- They enjoy being out in the field, scouting for the next customer.

- Hunters are decent at maintaining a client base but prefer to keep exploring new areas.

- They are solution-oriented—willing to analyse problems and work on developing solutions.

- Hunters are usually bored with one task and some might say they suffer from an attention deficit disorder.

- They like to multitask and manage multiple leads and projects at the same time.

Farmers in general take a steadier approach:

- Like farmers in real life, these types often are happy working with one or a few customers.

- Farmers take a long-term view and will work for a long time to close a lead.

- They optimize sales opportunities by learning about the individual needs of each client (and can upsell and cross-sell).

- They are strongest at customer retention.

- Farmers are open to client feedback and will stay on task until they exhaust all options in serving the client.

So, are you a Hunter or a Farmer?