Europe is a continent located in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Eastern Hemisphere. It consists of 50 countries out of which all nations are developed countries. For International business, Europe is one of the most diverse markets in terms of products & services. For Mooring Rope business, to name a few important sea-port bearing countries would be The Netherlands, Germany, Norway & Greece. 

We successfully completed our circuit by visiting The Netherlands, Germany & Belgium for our Mooring rope business. This was just our second visit to the EU region since the change of our business model where Tufropes has now bifurcated its business into various verticals. Before this visit we had our Sports team visiting the European customers. The main motive of this second visit was to meet and strengthen bonds with our existing Mooring rope customers & initiate relations with some of our new prospects. In all, it was a great tour & we are poised to cover new grounds.

Covering previously unchartered grounds by visiting business fairs & exhibitions – Sea Japan (Japan), Marinetec South America (Brazil), Posidonia (Greece).

Working extensively towards new product development to enhance further our basket of offerings.

Continual improvement in processes and service for our existing Mooring rope customers.

Sharing of knowledge and information with existing customers on how to build-up gradual progress in increasing market coverage and new prospects.

Gaining knowledge from international specialists for the new development of products.

- Abhishek Pedamkar