Boat Captains Meet at Haripur (Digha) in West Bengal

Our east zone fisheries team recently organised a Boat Captains Meet at Haripur (Digha) in West Bengal with a participation of over 75 boat captains and boat owners. This event was steered largely by Kankan Sengupta under the generous support of Saibal Ganguly and TK Mukherjee. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Sudhir Bhuiya a renowned Boat Owner from Digha fishing base.

The meet was extremely informative and engaging. Our Sales team presented Tufropes AQUATUF and TUF ULTRA range of products. The boat owners and captains interacted with our team members. They also shared valuable information on the business trends, product requirements and techniques in trawl fishing in this region. 

“I am a loyal user of Tufropes fish nets and ropes since the past few years. The quality of the products is top-class. If you want a peaceful life and a good catch, use Tufropes.” said a highly satisfied user of our product.

Boat Owner & Head Net Maker Meet at Kakdwip

With great enthusiasm and conviction, Tufropes recently conducted a Boat Owner & Head Net Makers meet at the important base of Kakdwip in West Bengal along with the prominent local Channel Partner. Mr. Bijon Mythy & Mr. Bimal Das (Chief Secretary & Deputy Secretary of The Boat Owner’s Association of West Bengal Fisherman Association).

The event brought together over 200 Boat Owners and Net Makers from the Kakdwip base, indicating the extensive support Tufropes enjoys here. The objective of this meeting was to strengthen the bonds with our Channel Partner and to connect with the Net Maker community. Our east zone team presented the fishing products -- AQUATUF ropes and TUF ULTRA netting and twine to the audience.

“We are very happy to be a part of the Tufropes family. Our Nets and Ropes were greatly appreciated by the fisherman and net makers who attended the event. We have generated a lot of enquiries and are hopeful to convert them in orders soon.” said our Channel Partner.

Trawler Owners Meet at Paradeep in West Bengal

Tufropes Eastern Fisheries team organised another successful Trawl Owners Meet at Paradeep (West Bengal) last month. Over 225 Trawl Owners from the prominent base attended the meet.

We had on display our complete range of fishing products -- AQUATUF ropes and TUF ULTRA netting and twine. Our products were highly appreciated and generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst the community members.

“We are meticulously working towards increasing our market share and reach geographically. We are confident of continuous growth in middle of the challenges in the economic and market environment.” said Saibal Ganguly.

A big thanks to our eminent Channel Partner Mr. AK Pradhan who supported the event and hats off to team East for organising such high-energy meets – Saibal, Kankan, Pankaj and TK Mukherjee!