I have gathered in my conversations with many of you that unlike the rest of our industry, our Tufropes sales team is helping and encouraging innovation thrive, bringing ideas to life, and ensuring that people can easily collaborate across the business and the country. Tufropes appears to be making a big attempt to performing better when it comes to employee agility, customer service, and more.

Business research shows there’s a clear correlation between high-trust cultures, profitability, and growth-which is what we are trying to achieve as well - A HIGH TRUST CULTURE. Good things happen when people bring their best to their jobs, thinking up new and better business processes in their spare time, and going out of their way - with a smile on their face - to serve their customers well.

All of this is especially important in a fast-changing business landscape where information moves more rapidly than ever before, and technology gives any customer or employee the power to be heard companywide in an instant. The new frontier in business is all about responding faster to a landscape defined by speed and hyper-transparency.

To compete effectively, TUFROPES needs to maximize every ounce of human potential - whatever out job levels may be.

Question: Is Tufropes succeeding in accomplishing this? What are we doing differently to create a great place to work and turn company culture into a competitive advantage? 

The first piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a new dynamic company culture built for success is our sales leadership team.

Great workplaces have a foundation of trust

The final puzzle piece is trust - specifically, trust between employees and trust is still a fundamental requirement for any positive interaction. You can spend your time creating exceptional powerful customer experiences, and lasting relationships at work among each other and with the channel partners including the sub dealers. Trust isn’t something you can simply program, contract, or outsource. It must be built by the sales leaders with their employees and channel partners on an individual basis.

At Tufropes, we believe employees trust leaders when they see them as credible, respectful, and fair. Leaders must show themselves to be not just competent in running the business, but consistent in living up to their word. 

We plan to maximize human potential through effective leadership, meaningful values, and a foundation of trust to see a healthier bottom line and faster revenue growth.

- Praveen Pasricha