Eating fish is part of the cultural tradition of many people and in terms of health benefits, it has an excellent nutritional profile. It is a good source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and essential micronutrients.

About 567 aquatic species are currently farmed all over the world, representing a wealth of genetic diversity both within and among species. Aquaculture is practiced by both the poorest farmers in developing countries and by multinational companies too. Thus making it a huge opportunity for Tufropes to be tapped. 

Tufropes has always been ahead of the times and has practised world-class manufacturing techniques to produce quality products. Recently, a visit of our international business team to Canada was organised for the rope testing and development purpose. Tufropes Fishing & Aquaculture Marketing team and India Nets Factory production head Mr. Anurag Sarin were involved in this venture. “The testing was conducted in a third-party lab for our 8-Strand ropes in Canada. It was successfully conducted, and the customers were contented with the results”, said Kunal Israni from Tufropes International marketing team. He was also very happy to express it marks just a beginning for new business relations and Tufropes can definitely expect good business from this region.