Tufropes Agro Shade Nets Provide Protected Cultivation of High Value Crops

Indian farmers face several challenges such as small land holding, poor yields due to reliance on inefficient method of farming, over-dependence on natural phenomenon such as rainfall and lack of knowledge of modern agricultural methods. Polyhouse farming is an alternative new technique in agriculture, gaining foothold in rural India. It reduces dependency on rainfall and makes the optimum use of land and water resources due to assured system. One of our most popular products Agro Shade Nets are made of an extremely durable, tear resistant and light weight knitted fabric of 100% high-density polyethylene. Manufactured using high-quality raw material and superior knitting technology based on international standards. Highly uniform in shade characteristics and UV stabilized for longevity, Tufropes Agro Shade Net is designed to provide protection and create an ideal atmosphere that stimulates plant growth. Our high-performance Agro Shade Nets find wide spread application across green houses, poly houses, nurseries, shade houses, apple orchards, tea estates etc. Apart from these they also perform the functions of environment-friendly garden fencing and sapling protector.