Bringing In Vibrant New Energy Into The Fisheries Business!

Tufropes has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of its products. With an objective of building even stronger partnerships with its end customers and users, Tufropes recently conducted meetings for the Net Makers in various important shing bases in the states of Kerala and Gujarat. Given the popularity of the brand, over 1000 participants attended these meets which were held in Munambam, Murukumpadam, Kollam, Ponnani and Porbandar. This was our way to say a BIG THANK YOU to our valuable business partners. These meetings served as a source of strengthening the decade-long bonds with the fraternity which has supported the brand since inception. Set in very festive and fun settings, these events started with thank you notes from our senior leadership team led by G Pramod Kumar, Shashi Panicker, Vinod, Anoop and Johnson all veterans of the industry. In Porbandar, Rajnish anchored the program with huge success. The newly launched Corporate Video was very well appreciated. Quite often guests at these meetings spontaneously came to the stage to express their positive feelings and gratitude for Brand Tufropes which has stood by them through thick and thin and provided them with the highest quality products. The visitors also interacted with sales and management team and exchange valuable information about market trends, requirements and market scenario. They were overwhelmingly convinced about Tufropes capability and commitment towards the top of the line products used for Fishing. The highpoint of these Meets were the entertainment acts and live performances by professionals. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the orchestra dance performance. Some also swayed throughout the evening on some foot tapping songs. All the Meets received accolades from the participants, inspiring us to conduct many more events in other prominent shing bases in the coming season. These meetings would not have been so successful but for the presence and contributions from our Channel Partners Mr. Elbi of BEECEE Nylons and Mr. Mujeeb of PeeKay Traders who are important assets to providing extraordinary service to the net makers. In Porbandar, Manoj Bhai of Bans Nets has provided immense support to the event and the net makers. Kudos in full measure to G Pramod Kumar, Shashi, Anoop, Vinod, Johnson, Prasanth and Rajnish who worked sincerely to make these events ever so memorable.