Mobile Van Advertising Campaign in Rajasthan. (India’s strongest and most reliable, cost effective ropes with ISI Marking)

Tufropes recently carried out a Mobile Van Advertising Campaign in Rajasthan. It was a game-changing execution, creating great buzz on the streets and generating remarkable geographic coverage. This campaign was focused on promoting PP INDUSTRIAL ROPE that is specifically used while installing submersible pumps. Tufropes is a leader in this segment due to the durability and strength of our products in this important submersible pump segment. "Mobile Van Advertising is one of the effective ways of reaching mass audience quickly. This allows advertisers the flexibility to be seen at various locations, achieving greater market reach and a strategic presence. Tufropes Mobile Van reached out to the customers even in the most interior parts of Jaipur division.. We've received very positive responses and reviews on our product PP INDUSTRIAL ROPE. We are confident that with this product, we will soon be able to deeply penetrate in the rural markets." – Sunny Katyal and Naveen Srivastava In Jaipur.