Everything a professional does should be aimed at achieving one of three things: building talent, driving results or growing the company’s capabilities. This in my opinion is a call that inspires drives and transforms the business. At Tufropes we aim to get these three things into the objectives that every single person in the organization has, and to give our teams the freedom and empowerment to go after results. Becoming an insight-driven business requires real organizational transformation. Established companies need to be comfortable with change and embrace new methods of learning about their customers and delivering better products, services and experiences. More importantly, to transform any company into an insight-driven enterprise, we need a strategic approach to prioritizing customer relationships and making customer-led decisions. The successful business of the future is insights-driven. But if your team can’t transform the organization, it will be a difficult road ahead. Getting executive buy-in, becoming the source of truth, and creating the right team are essential foundations to driving successful, lasting change. Warm regards, Sanjay Agarwal VP - Operations