TUF AMAZE by Tufropes - A premium shade fabric for multi-purpose usage

Established in 1992, Tufropes is among the leading global companies engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality synthetic Ropes and Netting. Due to its advanced standards of production, Tufropes has extended its footprint across the globe with presence in over 85 countries. Our multi-location presence with 4 manufacturing facilities in India and 1 in Vietnam helps us with a quick response time to develop new products in line with global requirements. Driven by innovative thinking and problem solving, we custom engineer and manufacture product solutions for critical applications. Comprehending the high demand for multi-utility shade nets, this year we successfully launched our new TUF AMAZE - Premium shade fabric for multi-purpose usage. TUF AMAZE is ideal for use as general purpose shade fabric in household applications like fencing, covering of lawns, patios, gardens, and water wells. It can also be used as scaffolding nets in construction sites, barriers and partitions in functions and pendals. TUF AMAZE Shade Nets can be used as covers in open car parking to protect the cars from not only the elements like sun, wind and water etc but also from bird droppings, dust, dirt etc. It can also be used as pond covers, and brick kiln covers. TUF AMAZE Shade Nets are ideal for use in nurseries and floriculture. TUF AMAZE reflects our commitment to bringing innovation to multi-utility shade nets business. It is made using 100% virgin raw material and offers high UV stability. Made with World’s best German machines, TUF AMAZE effectively blocks and protects from sunlight. It gives good aesthetic look to the structure and has a long-lasting colour.