Tufropes poised to expand rapidly in the Global Aquaculture markets

Tufropes has made rapid strides in putting up world-class manufacturing facilities to cater to leading global clients – many of them top corporates who are quick to take advantage of our growing expertise. Our products are delivered on promise at several world-wide locations. Norway is the world’s top producer of farmed Atlantic salmon. The Norwegian Salmon, alongside other ingredients of the country’s bustling aquaculture industry, is big business - a sector that constitutes 0.7 per cent of the Norway’s GDP. Every day, all year round, some 38 million meals of Norwegian seafood is served worldwide, with 11 million of these being Norwegian Salmon meals. The global success of the Norwegian Salmon hinges on the fact that it is a farmed product. With a coastline of 101,000 kilometers, the Scandinavian nation has innumerable cold, clear inlets that provide ideal growing conditions for the Salmon and other fish. A typical fish farm consists of between six and ten cages, holding 3,000 to 4,000 tons of fish. The cage consists of a buoyancy element on the surface and a net cage in which the fish swim. There is a need to maximize the opportunities offered and encourage fish farmers to innovate and take full advantage of the growth potential of fish production.