Thomas Alva Edison Once said, “If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves”. True to the belief we are proud to conquer a new sales performance milestone in January 2018 in record breaking time. A huge amount of work and planning was involved in getting it accomplished. We not only met our goals but surpassed them as well. The excursion was cautious initially but the momentum has been gallant. One tireless team under an inspiring leadership could really fetch astounding results as has been the case with team ‘Tufropes Exports’. Surpassing all the previous magic figures, our exports in nine months makes a strong statement on how well ‘Tuf-System’ works as inter-linked, inter-dependent cohesive unit. Congratulations to each and every unit of the ‘Tuf-Family’ on this phenomenal achievement; from Top Management to Executives, from Productions to Logistics, from Accounts to Documentation. This is a continuous journey and no height is unscalable when a self-motivated team marches on. Tufropes is so proud of its team of invaluable clients across the globe who are making every effort to ensure that they are leading by example to uphold the Brands reputation for excellence. Best wishes for continued success.