Our west zone fisheries team recently organized a Net Makers Meet at Porbunder in Gujarat with the participation of over 200 boat owners and net makers. This event was initiated mainly by Rajnish Javiya and Piyush Shah under the generous support of Shashi Panicker. Mr. Manojbhai Soneri and Mr. Kanubhai were the Chief Guests of this event.

The meet was extremely informative and engaging. The guests interacted with our team members. They also shared valuable information on the business trends, product requirements, and techniques in trawl fishing in this region. 

The meeting started with our Corporate Video and Presentation by Shashi Panicker. Our Sales team presented Tufropes AQUATUF and TUF ULTRA range of products to the audience. We introduced our ice-blue color TUF BRIDAL ROPE at this event which was very well accepted by the fishermen community.

The showstopper was our recently launched orange colored TUFLINE Netting fondly called the ‘Bahubali Net’ by the local fishermen and net maker owing to its high strength and durability. TUFLINE is HDPE braided knotted PE Netting for trawl fishing application. The fishermen community in Saurashtra loves this new product offered by Tufropes. 

“ટફ્રોફેસ દ્વારા લોન્ચ કરાયેલ શ્રેષ્ઠ ઉત્પાદનોમાંની એક છે TUFLINE નેટિંગ - અમારા બાહુબલી. નારંગી રંગ બાકી છે, અને તે માછીમારી માછીમારી એપ્લિકેશન માટે મહાન શક્તિ આપે છે. અમે સંપૂર્ણપણે તેની સાથે પ્રેમમાં છીએ અને તે ભવિષ્યમાં અમારા તમામ ટાવર્સમાં ચોક્કસપણે તેનો ઉપયોગ કરશે." 

- Porbunder ના જાણીતા હોડી માલિકો પૈકીના એક

“One of the best products launched by Tufropes recently is the TUFLINE Netting -- our Bahubali. The orange color is outstanding, and it offers great strength for trawl fishing application. We are totally in love with it and will definitely use it in all our trawls in the future.” – said one of the prominent boat owners from Porbunder