Along with our local Channel Partner, we recently carried out a Plumber / Pump Mechanic Meet at Rajgarh in Mirzapur District of Uttar Pradesh. Over a 50 Plumbers and Pump Mechanics attended the meet. 

India’s strongest and most reliable, cost-effective ropes with ISI marking.

A brief session was held on introducing ‘SUPERTUF’ and ‘PP INDUSTRIAL ROPES’. Tufropes is the number one rope used in the Submersible Pump business the entire country. Due to its high breaking strength, UV and shock resistance, these ropes are the preferred choice. These ropes are light in weight and resistant to abrasion. They are unaffected by hard water and have minimal elongation.

Tufropes and the submersible pumps installation market go hand in hand.

Our company has carved out a strong niche in this segment in rural India for the durability and strength that our products are reputed for during the installation process of these pumps.