Eyeing Significant Gains In Protected Cultivation In Assam!

Silchar is the headquarters of Cachar district in the state of Assam in India. Agriculture is the main occupation of major portion of the population in this district. Unique cultivation practices and diversity of cropping patterns are the important features of agriculture here. To address the queries and needs of the farmers, Tufropes successfully organized the Business Meet at Silchar during the last week of July 2017. The event was attended by dignitaries like Agricultural Development Ofcers, Scientists from KVK (Cachar), Professors from Agricultural Engineering Department (Assam University, Silchar), Agriculture Businessmen, Nursery Owners and Progressive Farmers. The Meet was extremely informative and engaging. Our Sales team presented Tufropes TUFSHADE (Agro Shade Nets) and associated products like Insect Nets, Bird Nets, UV stabilised Agro Ropes etc. to the participants. The guests freely interacted with our team and the industry specialists. They also shared valuable information on the business trends and innovative products and techniques in Agriculture for a good yield. They were convinced about Tufropes competence and commitment towards the top-of-the-line products used in Protected Cultivation. We see this as the foundation of creating a highly dynamic and connected community.